Wake up and smell the coffee served to you from your loving cup collection by Harry K Rolle ( like no other )

About us

Art-Ready is one of a kind, we allow our customers to acquire a variety of items that are decorated with art work that were created by us, these include personal items that are commonly used in the kitchen, living room and other areas throughout the house, such as clocks, placemats, tablecloths, bath room items such as towels etc. along with somethings that can only be seen in our store to appreciate. Art Prints & Posters, framed and unframed done on a variety of popular surfaces such as stretched canvas and archival papers, with sizes ranging from 5"x7" to 60"x40" done featuring modern and nostalgic Island sceneries by accomplished Bahamian Artist, Harry Rolle, is enough to cover most wall spaces that needs attention. with a touch of creative elegance that is a trademark of our brand.